PMO & Project Management Services

Elevate your Customers, End Users & Deliverables

Our Professional Services team can help you drive more value from your existing investments and enable multiple ways to access and use your customer data by integrating Intelligent Cloud applications with your current business systems, including CRM, billing, and legacy systems. Learn more about our approach to:

  • Integrated Management
  • Project Planning & Agile Implementaion Process
  • Business Mangement and Optimization
  • Focus on Continuous Improvement

    Our stake in your success does not end with implementation. We work with you to maximize the ROI of your technology investments by providing feedback mechanisms and post-implementation insight into new technologies, investment upgrades, and leading emerging technologies and trends. Our solution optimization services include Business Process Modeling, Business Value Checkpoints, and Application Success Monitoring and Optimization. Each of these services is described in detail in the HPC Solutions Professional Services Overview data sheet under the "Related Resources" link..

    Cloud Offerings

    Let our professionals guide you though our cloud offerings including Amazon AWS, Federal Cloud, ServiceNow (Paas), Microsoft Azure Services, Pivotal Cloud Foundary (PCF), and Cloud for the Inernet of things including Applicaiton Development. We also offer Hybrid Cloud Strategies as well as Virtualization and On-premise Cloud solutions.

    Big Data Strategies

    Analyzing terabytes of data in under an hour is a reality today. We enable our customers with strategies to monetize their Big Data solutions. We help guide organizations to benefit with big data as a storage platform, and big data as a solution enabler driving high end analytics and answers to questions because it's no longer impossible to collect massive amounts of data and have enough processing power to crunch the numbers.

    Analytics & Forecasting

    Starting with the end objective in mind and backing out what metrics accomplish this is always a good starting point in defining KPI's. However, knowing the technical and execution strategy is equally important and often overlooked. Let HPC Solotuions guide you throuh our Best Practice Guidelines.