Woman owned small business high tech solution aggregator.


Our Strategist’s and program managers work with senior executives to help them solve their toughest and most complex problems by bringing best practices and pragmatic approaches to define executable information and technology strategies. We combine quantifiable industry knowledge, rigorous qualitative analysis, and insight to enable action and vision.


The path to modernization and keeping core systems and operations current require a seasoned experienced group of Architects to coach and lead with automation and innovation to lower operating costs and revitalize technical environments across business domain and/or the enterprise.


We define and execute scalable and effective solutions whether you’re focusing on global business services, shared services, or outsourcing. Let our delivery team help you modernize, transform, and innovate for the future.


Program Management

Management Consulting, Agile Development Plans, Waterfall, Scrum, BPM (Business Process Management)

Architecture & Frameworks

Infrastructure, Integration, Virtualization, ESB, SOA, Data Architecture Services & Solutions, Block Chain Framework.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise, Mobile, Cloud, "On-premise Applications," Native Web and Mobile applications, SharePoint and Office 365 Deployments.

Data Warehouse & Big Data Solutions

Big Data, Data Science, Analytics, Star Schema, Snowflake, Data Lake. Business Intelligence, Predictive Modeling, Forecasting. Use of industry best practice analytic models such as FPNA, Market Basket Analysis, Churn, Data Modeling, ELT, ETL. MPP appliance, Cognitive BI.

Cloud Integrations & Maintenance

On premises, Off premises advisory services. Cloud Migration, horizontal, vertical, Managed Cloud Platform, Workload Migration, Security Services, Infrastructure Services.

Maintenance & Operations

Storage, Networks, Systems Help Desk, Security, Consumption as-a-service with operating models and operating structures individually designed supporting tactical, federated, centralized, and Business as Usual. Let us help design a service for you.


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    Innovation Advisory & Strategy

    We support each step of improvement to maximize strengths, evaluate opportunities, mitigate risk and close gaps. We have the experience to foster continuous improvement, establish value propositions and key differentiators building upon strengths through adaptive nimble learning approaches. Let us help you with an initial Advisory and/or Strategy session today.

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    Custom Solutions

    Delivering innovative solutions is the center of our philosophy. We achieve this by leveraging leading technologies, the highest skilled & brightest talent, cultivating business centric results with best in class support, transition and training. Ask us about our Custom Development and Architecture Assessment and/or strategy today.

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    Value Added Reseller

    We provide a single viewpoint & accountability for services, and are a one stop shop for software, hardware, talent and delivery across emerging technologies and platforms.

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    Our client engagement model increases success, efficiency, effectiveness continually aligned with your critical path and/or business goals. We foster a continuous "value add" relationship. Ask about our jumpstart / readiness programs assessments.